Step 1: Understanding your Integration

Before setting up your integration, we first need to collect some information about your capabilities to begin a project plan for integrating you into the Logicbroker platform. These include general questions on how you plan to setup your integration what documents you support and what channels you will be integrating with. Click the link below to begin the survey.

New Channel/Retailer Integration

Integrating with a new channel or retailer involves having the relationship with that retailer already setup. Our on-boarding team will work with you to gather all requirements for the integration with the channel/retailer and verify all the correct technical contacts.

All communication and tasks involved in setting up the integration will be defined in our project management system. Access will be provided to the project to allow for collaboration for all team members.

From there, our implementation team will work with their technical teams on testing and validating full integration with the channel/retailer.


If the channel/retailer is already certified on the Logicbroker platform, the setup will be quick and can be done within 24 hours. A certified retailer/channel means we have integrated with that partner previously and the data validation and requirements are already setup in our system. The majority of testing will involve testing with your system to ensure you receive your order data properly and can send Acknowledgements, Shipments and Invoices properly through the Logicbroker platform. 

System Integrations

If you are using one of Logicbroker's pre-built connectors you can find more information under the Channel and Systems Integration section. For more information on a couple of our popular supplier connectors see the links below.

Continue below to begin the setup in the Logicbroker Portal.

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