Integrating SkuVault with ShipStation and Logicbroker

Understanding your channel integrations

First you will have to integrate Logicbroker with your ShipStation and SkuVault accounts following these links:

ShipStation Integration

SkuVault Integration


Integrating SkuVault with ShipStation

After integrating Logicbroker with your SkuVault and ShipStation account, follow ShipStations guide on integrating SkuVault with ShipStation 


This will allow any orders coming from Logicbroker into ShipStation to automatically update your inventory within SkuVault.


Bringing it all together

You will receive Orders within ShipStation from Logicbroker


SkuVault will pull orders from your ShipStation into SkuVault, updating your inventory 


Logicbroker will pull your inventory updates from SkuVault and send it off to your trading partner(s) 


Each trading partner you're integrated with will receive the inventory updates. This means you will need a Matching File for each trading partner. This will tell Logicbroker which retailer is receiving what SKUs from your SkuVault account.

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