Inventory Search

1) Log in to the Portal and on the top left-hand side, navigate to the Products tab and click on it to expand. Once you have expanded the drop-down, click on Inventory Search:



2) Once you click on Inventory Search it will open up your inventory page. The inventory page is where all of your inventory is housed and provides information on your inventory, including Supplier SKUs, Merchant SKUs, Quantities, Cost, and Descriptions (if you have chosen to update all those fields), as well as the last date the item was updated. 


 3) If you know the inventory item you would like to search on, you can enter the SKU or description in the Search items field to search on it:


 4) You also have the ability to filter on columns to search on the inventory you would like. Clicking the upside-down triangle on the top right will bring up the filter parameters for you to enter:


5) Once you know what field you would like to filter on, select it, fill in the value, then click ADD:



6)  If you would like to add or remove columns from your inventory view you may also do that by clicking on the 3 vertical bars on the top right:


You can select or deselect the columns you would like to view.

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