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The Inventory Search page provides users with the ability to search through inventory, set filters and take action on specific items. This is a great tool to take action and view items on an individual basis rather than needing to export/import a full file.


At a Glance

The Inventory Search page will display all item information included on the Inventory Feed using item fields along with:

The trading partner the item is tied to

Last Update
The date and time stamp of when the item was last updated through an updated Inventory Feed or through the Inventory Search page
Show/hide columns
Click on the 3 vertical lines in the top right to customize your view. Toggle on (red) to add a column to your Inventory Search page Please Note: these settings will not stick and will need to be reconfigured if you refresh the screen


Filter results
Click on the 3 horizontal lines in the top right to filter your results. Select the column you want to filter by, the operator, the results you want to display then click Add. Once a filter is added, you will see a button with that filter in the top left. Filters can be stacked, so add new filters or remove them by clicking the x in t filter button up top.
New Item

Users can add a new item to their Inventory Feed by clicking the New Item button and filling out item information. The only required fields to create a new item are Partner, Quantity and SKU - however, suppliers should refer to retailer specifications to know what other fields are required by their partner. 

Once added, this item will appear on the feed sent to the retailer and can be downloaded as part of the Standard Feed on the Inventory Feed page. 


Search Items 
Logicbroker's inventory omnisearch capabilities allow you to instantly find items from your Inventory Feed. Located in the top left corner of the page, our robust search tool allows you to search items across all trading partners using information including:
    • Partner
    • SKU (SupplierSKU, MerchantSKU, ManufacturerSKU)
    • UPC
    • Status
    • Description
    • Warehouse

Stack up multiple search terms together to pull up exactly what you are looking for. For exampleyou can type in ‘Demo Retailer, Item description, Warehouse 2’

Add an asterisk to the search term as a wildcard/placeholder to broaden the search. For example, if you want to search for all SKUs beginning with 123, you can search ‘123*’ and all items with that prefix will populate.
Make edits to existing items directly from this page without needing to update and upload/send a new Inventory Feed for each change - this option is useful when only a handful of items need to be updated as opposed to a whole feed.
Once an item is updated, the changes will appear on the feed sent to the retailer also found on the Standard Feed from the Inventory Feed page.

Delete unwanted or disabled items without needing to send or upload a new feed to reflect the change


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