Creating Invoices

Creating an invoice is how to request payment from the retailer for the item(s) shipped. Follow these steps to create an invoice in the Portal.

1.  There are two ways to pull up an order that you would like to invoice.

  • Option 1: Using the Search bar at the top of any page in the Portal, enter in the order number. This will pull up all related documents to the order (the order as well as any existing shipments, returns and/or cancellations).
  • Option 2: Click on Orders in the left-hand menu, and from the Order Management page, find the order. 

Option 1:



Option 2:


2.  On the Order Management page, click on Actions and select Invoice.

  • NOTE: This is how to invoice an entire order. See further below on how to invoice just the items that have shipped.

3.You will be taken to the Create Invoice page. This is where you will create an invoice for an order.


There are a few areas of the page to note using the screenshot example above:

  • The Billing and Shipping Address information is pre-populated with the information originally submitted on the order. This is not the remit-to address.
  • In the General Information section, you must enter in an Invoice Number.
    • Invoice Date will pre-populate with today's date but can be modified.
    • Invoice Number and Invoice Date are the only two fields that can be modified in this section.
  • In the Invoice Items section, the only field that can be modified is the Unit Price field. 
  • In the Invoice Totals section, you can modify Discount, Freight and Tax and the Invoice Total will auto-update based on those changes.
    • Discount will subtract from the Invoice Total, while Freight and Tax will be added to the Invoice Total.
  • Once ready, click Submit (top right corner of the page).

Create an Invoice for Shipped Items

Our default invoice is for an entire order, however some vendors will invoice based on shipment. To create an invoice just for items shipped, follow these steps:

1.  Search for the PO in the search box.


2.  Find the shipment document you want to invoice, click View

  • Key point: You must view the shipment you want to invoice if you want to limit the invoice to what was shipped.

3.  Click New Invoice (top right corner of the screen)


4.  Follow the normal steps to create an invoice and click Submit.

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