Step 5: Testing Your Integration

This final step is the culmination of the work completed with the Retailer and Logicbroker to receive, accept and ship orders.

Test Plan. For each Retailer, we work with the appropriate teams to come up with a robust testing process. Whether testing field mapping, document and process flows or end-to-end retailer/supplier flows, we coordinate the plan with everyone. We may need access to the Retailer systems depending on testing needs.

Unique Test Cases. We start with the specifications created for the integration (which will ultimately be shared with the Retailer's suppliers). Using the specifications, we can create test scenarios we plan on using with each supplier that will be critical scenarios to the retailer. For example, if a retailer allows a partial cancel of a single line, we can ensure each supplier is able to support that scenario and can properly submit a document meeting those guidelines.

Custom Fields. We may also test any custom attributes that have been created for a specific Retailer. For example, if you will be supporting custom embroidery for your orders, it would be best to test those custom attributes when testing with your suppliers. If specifications are provided, our team can help with preparing a test plan for both you and your suppliers.

Map Validation and Final Checks. Lastly, we make sure that key pieces of information are mapping appropriately, ranging from a shipping service level to payment terms to return address to a standard packing slip. All steps are validated prior to launch.

Go Live! Then we go live, coordinating again with all teams to ensure a smooth transition from testing to Production!

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