Logicbroker Project Management

Project Management through Asana

As you kick off your integration, we will set up a project within our project management system, Asana. It is here where we will house all of the communication and tasks involved in setting up the integration. Access will be provided to the project to allow for collaboration for all team members.

Asana breakdown

Each project will have multiple sub-projects underneath it. This would include

  • Integration between your platform and the Logicbroker Platform
  • Tracking the Onboarding of your Suppliers
  • Meeting notes

Within each sub-project there can also be individual tasks established. From there we can determine a timeline associated to each and who the task will be assigned to. Within each task you may post comments with questions out to the team, upload attachments, review status updates, and mark the task as completed when done. It is a great way to keep in tune with how the project is moving along and where there might be blockers.


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