Release Notes Though: 5/9/2024


  • UI: Updated styling of buttons, tables, etc. 
  • Profile: Support WEBP formats for company logos in account information 
    • Enhancement to the profile section to include a section for merchandising information
  • Settings: Visibility into connector library for basic tier suppliers
  • Product Onboarding Center: Retailer/Supplier Collaboration Space
    • Pull product data from the merchant
    • Notifications to notify retailers when products have been uploaded and are ready for review or have failed
    • Allow retailers to import product approval status in the supplier catalog
    • Support for linking to Inventory Matching File
    • Ability for retailers to configure different settings across their network or per supplier for the data being received.
    • API Connectivity:
  • Onboarding: Updated form styling
    • Incorporated a merchandising section on the form
    • Added settings for retailers to reset the onboarding start date 
  • Connected Commerce Network (CCN): Enhancements to discovering new partners 
    • Showcase products on CCN profiles
    • Banner to inform suppliers of missing information in their CCN profiles


  • Magento: Support for pulling product information from the retailer's catalog into magento 
  • NetSuite: Updated connection id field to custbody_lb_coid to all bundles
  • Shopify: Support for posting product to the retailer's shopify through product onboarding center  
    • Ignore duplicate or missing SKUs when posting product 
    • Updated tagging logic when posting orders and pulling inventory for duplicate SKUs
    • Change 'Continue selling when out of stock' to pull actual quantity 
    • Ability to support adding product listings in a draft status 


  • API: More accurate delta record when posting the inventory to API


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