Enhanced Menu Navigation

Logicbroker is enhancing the portal navigation menu with added functionality to offer a better user experience! See below for more information on updates.


What's being renamed?

  • Standard > Standard Reporting
  • Analytics > Advanced Reporting
  • Monitoring > Scheduled Reports
  • Suppliers/Retailer > Partners
  • CCN > Discover Partners
  • API Authentication > API
  • EDI Connection > EDI
  • Advanced Import > Import Documents


Main callouts

  • My Profile is a new section up top that includes all account-related pages
  • Products is now split up between Inventory and Products
  • Events page is now under Reporting
  • Connections is a new section pulled out from Settings
  • Message Center is now split up between Messages (in My Profile) and Events (Reporting)
  • Help is a new section that includes access to the Knowledge Base and access to submit a new support ticket/see all tickets
  • Environment toggle allows users to swtich between stage and production\


Menu items

My Profile

  • Manage Users - add and manage users and permissions (previously under Settings)
  • User Profile - see and manage your user information and login history (previously under Settings)
  • Account Information - see and manage your company information and view your partners list (previously under Settings and tied with Document Settings, which are now under Settings)
  • Notifications - manage email notifications and rules
  • Messages - see, write and manage communication from and to your partners (previously under Message Center)

Dashboard - see daily overview of orders waiting to ship, shipping today and failed documents

Order - see, manage and export order information

Inventory (new, previously under Products)

  • Feed - see and manage inventory, settings and files (previously under Products)
  • Search - see and edit individual SKUs (previously under Products)


  • Feed - see partner product specifications, upload files and see feed compliance
  • *Catalog - see and manage product catalogs
  • *Onboarding - access the Product Onboarding Center

Testing - see test case progress, suppliers can complete test cases from this page (only visible in Stage)

Partners (previously called 'Suppliers' or 'Retailers' depending on your account type)

  • *Onboarding - access On-Demand Onboarding to see and manage supplier onboardings (for retailers only)
  • Scorecards - see partnership scorecards
  • Document Standards - see your partner's document specifications

Connections (new, previously under Settings)

  • API - see and manage API connection (previously under Settings)
  • EDI - see and manage EDI connection (previously under Settings)
  • Connectors - see and manage connectors (ex. Shopify, Shipengine, etc.) (previously under Settings)

Reporting (previously Reports)

  • Standard Reporting - see and manage reports (previously Standard)
  • *Advanced Reporting - see and manage reports using advanced features and expanded data set (previously Analytics)
  • Advanced Export - customize, run and export reports
  • Failed Documents - see and export failed documents
  • Events - see and export events
  • *Scheduled Reports - see and manage reports triggered through notifications (previously Monitoring)


  • Import Documents - import order and fulfillment documents (previously Advanced Import)
  • Attachments - see attachments


  • Document Settings - see and manage document settings (previously in the Account Information page) (for suppliers only)
  • Scheduled Tasks - see and manually run scheduled tasks
  • Shipment Options - see and manage shipment options
  • *Custom Lookups - see and manage custom table information

Help (new)

  • Knowledge Base - access Logicbroker's Knowledge Base or your partner's branded Knowledge Base
  • Submit a ticket - link to submit a ticket to the support team
  • See all tickets - link to see all open tickets

Switch Environment - link to the stage or production environment 



* These pages are accessible to Logicbroker customers with custom settings only


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