Go live

Request to go live

Once you have completed onboarding steps, click on Request to go live. Your retailer will review and reject or approve your request. 



Your retailer will push your account live

Your retailer will confirm all onboarding steps are complete and will push your account into production. You will receive an email with the subject line "[Supplier]'s connection with [Retailer] is live!" This email will link you to our production portal.



Complete post-production steps

Once you are live, you will need to complete post-production onboarding steps. Any settings added in stage will not carry over so these will need to be re-configured in production:

  1. Set up your connection in production
    • API Suppliers: Generate a production API key from the API Authentication page
    • EDI Suppliers: Add your production EDI connection from the EDI Connection page
    • Shopify Suppliers: Add your production Shopify connection from the Connections page 
  2. Upload/send a live product feed from the Product Feeds page (if required) 
  3. Upload/send live inventory in production from the Inventory Feeds page
  4. Upload a matching file in production from the Inventory Feeds page (if required) 
  5. Re-configure any stage settings in the production portal
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