Complete test cases

Review your partner's document specifications

Portal, API, Shopify Suppliers: Review your partner's inventory requirements from the Document Standards page in the portal. 


EDI Suppliers: Review your partner's document specifications from the EDI Connections page.


Create test orders

  1. In the Logicbroker portal, go to Testing > look for your retailer > View
  2. Review testing requirements for all test orders. For each of the test cases that apply to your business, click on Create a New Test Order NoteOnce created, these orders will be visible in the Orders page of the portal

  • Portal Suppliers: Review the order by clicking on the order number
  • EDI/API Suppliers: You should receive the order document in your system within a few minutes
  • Shopify Suppliers: You should receive the order in your Shopify account within a few minutes

Note: At any time, you can generate a new test order if you would like to start over, try again, etc. Just click on Create A New Test Order. Just note the previous test order will move to an Ignored status.



API and EDI suppliers can access raw formats of documents from the portal by opening up the document > More Actions > see available formats: 



Supplier - Complete Testing

  • Portal Suppliers: In this step, you will process the required test cases in the portal by creating return documents directly in the portal. 
  • EDI/API Suppliers: In this step, you will process the required test cases in your system by sending return documents via your EDI/API connection. 
  • Shopify Suppliers: In this step, you will process the required test cases in Shopify by creating shipments/fulfilling orders. Cancellations should be created directly in Logicbroker.

Note: You must complete testing using the connection method you plan on using in production. These are just test scenarios to ensure correct data flow, please do not ship any physical items out.

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