Upload or send a product feed

Note: You will need to upload/send a live product feed once you move to the production portal as feeds do not carry over from stage to production. 


Review your partner's product specifications

Review your retailer's product requirements from the Product Feeds page > Feed Configuration > View feed specification.



Create your product feed

Download an template from the Product Feeds page > Upload > Download Template > select All categories or a specific category depending on your assortment. 




Upload or send your product feed

Note: If you are connecting using another method such as AS2 or Shopify, you will need to manually upload your product feed through the portal.



Confirm your product feed was uploaded successfully

In the portal, from the Product Feeds page, go to Feeds > review the status of your upload. If you see:

  • Pending or Complete, you have successfully uploaded the product feed
  • Failed, download the report to see your errors in the first column,fix the errors and repeat the upload process


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