Release Notes Though: 11/10/2023


  • Order Management: 
    • Support for saving CSV exports as attachments 
    • Ability to bulk ignore Failed Documents
  • Reporting
    • Failed Document Summary: Include SourceKey on failed document export
    • Standard Reporting: Added dropdowns for supported fields (status, document type)
      • Support for status change date (measured in "hours ago")
  • Inventory: Support for alerts when empty inventory files are uploaded
  • Product Feeds: Required fields are now color-coded within the template based on retailer requirements 
    • Support for dropdown values within the template  
    • Error column appears first in the feed download 
    • Improved error messaging
  • Product Onboarding Center:
    • Support to push items that equal status Listing Pending or Delist Pending and sync them with the target API.

  • Test Cases:
    • Support for retailer-initiated invoices (Credit Memos)

    • Display the source of the testing documents 
  • On-Demand Onboarding: Collection of first and last name on the onboarding form 
    • Updated next steps email for suppliers to help understand where they are in the process 
    • Updated onboarding invitation for suppliers to be more detailed 
    • Support for custom messaging on new invitations 
    • Updated form completed message to suppliers to contain more detailed information
    • Tailored form closing messages depending on the connection method 
    • Update existing email address to new email on onboarding form
    • Support for bulk actions (resending onboarding invitations, accepting invitations, resending user invitations, go live)
    • Added an event for a supplier invitation being resent
    • Block companies with duplicate names, administrator review is required 
  • Notifications/Events: Updated sender email address to when users are receiving email notifications 
    • Unsubscribe undeliverable email addresses and display the response on the events page


  • Shopify: Update supplier order map to default shipping cost and title if not specified on the order
    • Pull variant id into ManufacturerSKU on inventory
  • NocNoc: Marketplace connector that accepts shipments, acknowledgments, and inventory. The connector provides orders. 
  • Marketplacer: Marketplace connector that accepts shipments, acknowledgments, returns, inventory, and product catalog. The connector provides orders, acknowledgments, and returns. 
  • Amazon: New fields added to the FBA invoice map 
  • BigCommerce: Update product post for compatibility with Product Onboarding Center 


  • Scorecards: Custom Date Picker Glitch
  • Standard Reporting: Color selector exit 
  • Shopify: Update to paging to account for unstable responses
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