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Welcome to Logicbroker! This article will walk you through everything you need to know when onboarding with a new partner using Logicbroker. We'll review what we do, your different connection options, what to do if you are already using our platform and provide an overview of the onboarding process. 


What is Logicbroker?

Logicbroker is a multi-tenant integration platform that simplifies supply chain data processing from retailers and suppliers. 

We help users integrate all their fulfillment channels including trading partners, 3PLs and distribution centers while facilitating the translation of documents into formats receivers can consume.

Since Logicbroker is a multi-tenant platform, suppliers and retailers make a single, independent connection into our system which allows them to trade with multiple trading partners within the same platform. From there, all documents are formatted into one canonical format that allows users to process data from hundreds of different channels using one connection. 



Retailers partner with Logicbroker to connect to suppliers and transact order data including: orders, acknowledgments, shipments, returns, invoices, inventory and product data through an established connection with Logicbroker. Review your partner-specific documentation to know which documents are supported. 


Connection options

We offer a variety of connection options for suppliers to integrate into our system. Regardless of how suppliers connect, they will always have access to our web-portal to view and manage orders. 

Standard Options - these are available to all suppliers free of charge:

Web Portal
Onboard in: 1-5 business days Allows for the quickest go-live. Use our web-portal to receive orders, send return documents and upload inventory and product feeds. 

Onboard in: 2-3 weeks Allows for seamless real-time data flows. Use our API to get orders and post back return documents, inventory and product feeds. 

Onboard in: 2-3 weeks Allows for automation with your external systems. Map to your partner's EDI specifications to receive orders (850s) and send back return documents (855, 856, 810, 846s) - product feeds will need to be manually uploaded into the portal. 


Advanced Options - these are available for Logicbroker customers. If you would like to connect using one of these options, please reach out to support@logicbroker.com.

Onboard in: 1-5 business days Allows for automation using your Shopify account. Connect your Shopify account to receive orders, create shipments and send inventory - product feeds and cancellations will need to be manually uploaded/created into the portal. 

Onboard in: 1-5 business days Allows for automation using your ShipStation account. Connect your ShipStation account to receive orders, create cancellations and create shipments - inventory and product feeds will need to be manually uploaded into the portal.

Note: Supported documents vary based on the retailer. Review retailer-specific documentation to know which documents are required. 


Already using Logicbroker?

If you are already using Logicbroker to connect to another retailer you can either use your existing account (recommended) or create a new account. If you use the same account, you will see all orders for all channels flow into the same portal. If you choose to create a new account you will need to toggle between accounts to view orders from different channels. EDI suppliers must use their existing account if they plan on connecting using the same EDI Qualifier and ID. 


Onboarding overview

Below is a high level overview of the onboarding process (these steps may vary depending on the retailer). All onboarding steps will take place in our stage/test portal. 


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