Release Notes Though: 7/28/2023


  • Onboarding:
    • Enhancements to the Form Completed email sent to Retailers and User Invitation email sent to Suppliers 
    • Support to validate supplier email contact 
  • Order Management:
    • Only show the most recent alert on failed or ignored non-order documents
    • Ability to configure document status workflows in the Portal
    • Support for holding invoice, instead of failing, and linking to shipments once received (applicable to B2B Flows) 
    • Include PO Nnmber on packing slip file names for suppliers using FTP 
  • Attachments: Removal of filters to provide speed on the page load
  • Testing: Search bar to find a partner from the list
  • API: Default to SubscriptionKey header in Swagger


  • Channel Advisor: Support for pull window to reduce processing time 
  • Walmart: Multi Quantity Order and Return API Updates
  • eBay: Only post inventory updates if values have been updated
  • NetSuite:
    • 3PL Bundle: Support for multi-line ship to on sales orders 
    • Retailer Bundle: Enhancements to the pullCancellationsMR.js


  • Product Feeds: Switched display for "in list" validation rule
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