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About this app

The Market is the fastest growing eCommerce marketplace in New Zealand. Backed by New Zealand's largest retailer group, The Market offers sellers access to over 4 million monthly visitors and through their parent group, exposure to over 3 million customers. Logicbroker’s connection to The Market provides sellers with an easy way to manage and route orders into their own system. Grow your business with The Market today! The Market Seller Registration


  • Provides Orders
  • Provides and Receives Acknowledgments
  • Receives Shipments
  • Receives Product Catalog
  • Receives Inventory



The Market Support:


How it works
Flow: The Market > Logicbroker > Seller
Orders are sent from The Market to Logicbroker through the API. Logicbroker will then transforms the order data into a format the seller can easily understand . In addition to transforming data, Logicbroker can also add data to orders, match retailer SKUs to suppliers' SKUs and more. Once we have transformed the data, it is made available in our portal or we can send it to you through your preferred integration method (EDI, CSV, JSON, XML, Shopify, ShipStation, etc.). Orders are pulled into Logicbroker every 15 minutes. 

Acceptance Acknowledgments
Flow: Seller > Logicbroker > The Market
Acceptance acknowledgments are sent to The Market and orders will change from Paid to Confirmed in The Market's portal. 

Customer-Initated Cancellations
Flow: The Market > Logicbroker > Seller
Customer-initated cancellations are pulled into Logicbroker as a Cancellation Request Acknowledgment. The order in Logicbroker will automatically be moved from Ready to Acknwoledge/Ready to Ship to Cancelled. The seller must accept the cancellation request in Logicbroker for the cancellation status to change from Requested to Accepted in The Market's portal. Customer cancellations are pulled into Logicbroker every hour at 40 minutes past the hour and acceptances are sent to The Market automatically.

Flow: Seller > Logicbroker > The Market

Shipments will be sent to The Market and the order status in The Market's portal will change from Confirmed to Partial Shipped or Shipped.

Fields and custom mappings
Inventory Orders Cancellation Cancel Request
Required Logicbroker Field The Market Field


Quantity Allocation




Logicbroker Field The Market Field
PartnerPO OrderKey
AcknowledgementNumber OrderCancelKey
AcknowledgementDate formatdate LastCreated 'yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss'
ChangeReason OrderCancelReasonName
TheMarketMerchantId MerchantId
TheMarketOrderCancelId OrderCancelId
TheMarketOrderCancelKey OrderCancelKey
QuantityCancelled QtyCancelled
SupplierSKU SkuCode
TheMarketSkuId SkuId
See our Connect to The Market Quick Start Guide (attached) for setup instructions and to see the connector in action.

Connect to The Market
Troubleshooting and FAQs
Issue How to troubleshoot or resolve
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Also see The Market's Support page.

Connector updates
Date Update
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