EDI Onboarding

This guide is for vendors onboarding with a Logicbroker retailer using an EDI connection method. 

Expected onboarding time: 1-15 days



An EDI connection method offers quicker order processing through automation between the vendor's system and Logicbroker. Logicbroker supports EDI connectivity through the Logicbroker-hosted SFTP, vendor-hosted FTP/SFTP and AS2. See below how each module is handled (all modules can also be handled through the portal):

  • Product - vendors upload a CSV file into the portal to send product data to the retailer
  • Inventory - vendors send an 846 to Logicbroker to reflect inventory updates
  • Orders - vendors receive 850s, and send back 855s, 856s, and 810s
  • Packing Slips - vendors map their packing slip to the retailer's specifications and send it to the retailer for approval

Please note: These are standard Logicbroker modules; these vary depending on the retailer.


Connect to Logicbroker

Your account will be configured using the Logicbroker-hosted SFTP by default. This is the easiest and quickest option to get onboarded and start processing live orders. 


Option 1: Logicbroker-hosted SFTP

Credentials and Host
Once you create your Logicbroker user account, you can use the same credentials to log into both the stage and production SFTP sites.

    • Stage Host: vftp-stage.logicbroker.com
    • Production Host: vftp.logicbroker.com


EDI Qualifier and ID
We will automatically create an EDI Qualifier and ID for you to use - these will the same for both stage and production . Share these with your EDI provider to configure in their system. 

    • EDI Qualifier: ZZ
    • EDI ID: LB[Account Number] - to get your Account Number, log into the portal, go to Settings > Account Information > look under Account Basics (in this example, the EDI ID of this supplier will be LB130388)

Whitelist Logicbroker IP address

If you need to white list the Logicbroker IP address, it is for Stage and for Production. Please be aware that Logicbroker does not monitor these IP addresses (if they change), and users should be able to look up the VFTP IP address independently. 


More information

For more information, see SFTP/FTP.


Option 2: Vendor-hosted FTP/SFTP and AS2

If you wish to connect to Logicbroker using AS2 or your own FTP/SFTP, you will need to send our EDI Connection Form to your EDI contact to fill out. Once received, we will work on setting up your account and will reach back out so you can begin testing.


More information

For more information, see SFTP/FTP and AS2.


Next steps

Review your retailer's Knowledge Base for document standards, connection information and onboarding instructions. 

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