Release Notes Through: 3/31/23


  • Files: Ability to import CSV files that contain spaces in the column headers 
  • API: Add last modified date to partners endpoint
  • EDI: Ability to split EDI inventory files by vendor number and warehouse code
  • Shipments: Support for submitting all shipments when using the bulk ship functionality 
  • Purchase Order: Improved workflows used for duplicate purchase order checking 
  • Products: Update explanations on all pages in this section to help differentiate the capabilities of each function
  • Product Feeds: Support for category search functionality when downloading the template 
  • Inventory Feeds: Display inventory job events on the inventory page 
      • Inventory grabber

      • EDI inventory exporter

      • CSV/XML inventory exporter

  •  Onboarding:
    • Support for Retailers/Operators who are using on demand onboarding to see the number of days onboarding in the UI as well as through the extracted report 
    • Search functionality has been added to the on demand onboarding page for Retailers/Operators to easily find vendors/sellers who are actively onboarding 
    • API: Onboarding Endpoints are within the Partner Operations
    • Vendor/Seller dashboard enhancements to help showcase onboarding steps 


  • SkuVault: Support for pulling in inventory quantities with WarehousId
  • Shopify: Update the shipment integration to use fulfillment orders
    • Support for location id on inbound orders 
    • Escape SKUs with slashes when posting orders
  • Allegro: Marketplace connector that supports product feeds, stock/inventory, orders, acknowledgments, cancellations, shipping details, and returns.
  • TikTok: Support for products, inventory, orders, cancellations, shipping details, and returns.
  • eBay: Support for listing actions in the product catalog 
  • Lazada: Support for pulling new orders in multiple statuses 
  • Shopee: Support for pulling new orders in multiple statuses 


  •  Header level discount mapping on orders invoices
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