Release Notes Through: 3/2/23


  • Inventory: Support for lead time column 
  • Product Catalog: Ability to create rules in bulk using a template rule and a CSV file
  • API: Support for sending onboarding invitations to trading partners 
    • Endpoint: /api/v1/Partners/Invites

  • Bulk Shipping: Support for bulk shipments using a merchant account
    • ability to download packing slips/shipping labels in bulk 
    • Support to print shipment labels together (including packing slips, shipping labels, and GS1 labels)
  • Reporting:
    • Monitoring: Ability to download results as a CSV file 
    • Failed Document Summary: Visibility into failures details on the CSV export 


  • Shopify: Map tracking URL on shipments to Shopify
  • NetSuite: Reduce error email events by consolidating export errors into one summary event

Learn Logicbroker:

  • Mobile UI
  • Updates to the menu options 
  • UI updates to user profile 


  • Monitoring Reports: Document type will only be visible for reports that have configurable documents 
  • Notifications: Show partner on overdue inventory events
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