Release Notes Through 1/27/23

Portal Updates:

  • EDI: Ability to map EDI 812s to invoices in the portal 
  • Packing Slip: Save tracking label URL on shipment document to be used on the packing slip
  • Product Catalog:
    • Trigger auto-export if minimum number of items pass validation
    • Allow billable suppliers to host their own images

  • Ship Method Mappings:

    • Ability to show or hide unused mappings
    • Show partner codes in the UI when editing a mapping
    • Rename "Custom Code" to "Their Code" for partner mappings
  • Advanced Export: Ability to add all available fields from a document to the field list 


  • Tokopedia: Accepts shipments, acknowledgements, inventory and product catalog. Provides orders.

  • Shopify: Support to pull note attributes from shipments onto orders
  • Shopee: Support for cancellation requests 
  • ShipStation: Support to return results at different intervals during run time when pulling shipments
  • Adyen
    • Support for bank statement proof upload in the KYC area
    • Payout description to include the marketplace operator's name in the payout description


  • eBay: Fix for sending variant SKUs with slashes

  • API: Save updated parameters when posting inventory
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