Sent:                                           Saturday, January 26, 2019 6:03 PM

To:                                               John Doe

Subject:                                     SKU not found

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SKU not found


The order 16943504 from Nordstrom_B2B could not be inserted into your ERP system because one of the SKUs on the order was not found in the destination system. Please make sure the SKU exists in your system. You can retry sending this order by going to logicbroker portal or contact Nordstrom_B2B and have the document resent.

System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Only one request may be made against a session at a time at LogicTec.LogicBroker.Connector.NetSuite.v2014_1.NetSuiteERPCatalog.GetCatalogItemBySku(NetSuiteService netSuiteService, String sku, String erpCustomerId, Int32 coId, Int32 qty) in e:\ws\git-master\connectors\LogicTec.LogicBroker.Connector.NetSuite.2014.1\NetSuiteERPCatalog.cs:line 106 at LogicTec.LogicBroker.Connector.NetSuite.v2014_1.NetSuiteERP.GetCatalogItemBySku(String sku, String erpCustomerId, Int32 qty) in e:\ws\git-master\connectors\LogicTec.LogicBroker.Connector.NetSuite.2014.1\NetSuiteERP.cs:line 557




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